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Rserving, WisconsinResponsibleServing.com offers two different Food Safety courses for Responsible Serving of Food.

Responsible Serving of Food from Rserving.com

Food Safety (Responsible Serving of Food) training can be taken online from Rserving.com! The courses are interactive and contain text, audio, video/animations, flashcards, and online quizzes for food safety & responsible serving of food techniques. Individuals can sign up to take the courses or a bar or restaurant may enroll in an Employer Account (Free) and sign up members of the business to take the training courses at discounted pricing! This employer account gives the employer complete control of the training process, from easily assigning the training to an employee, tracking their scores and progress, to archiving or printing their certifications.

Your state requires that you pass a proctored exam to become a Certified Food Manager. Our Food Manager Course is not required but will prepare you to pass the exam. In your state, each retail food establishment is required to have at least 1 full time Certified Food Manager. The Food Manager Certification Course has been written to the FDA Food Code and will prepare you to take any of the three exams approved by ANSI and the Conference on Food Protection (CFP exam fee not included)

Rserving also offers Food Safety for Handler training online for responsible serving of food. This course is a shorter course and is designed for anyone in the restaurant involved in the handling, preparation, or delivery of food. 

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