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The Wisconsin Responsible Serving® course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

With this course, you will learn all the required information in order to receive your bartender license/permit to sell and serve alcohol in Wisconsin. Upon course completion, you will receive the official bartender license approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Take the course and obtain your license today!

When you have completed the course and printed your certificate (at no extra charge), simply take it to the courthouse in the county/municipality in which you will be working to receive your Wisconsin bartender's permit. This is also referred to as the Wisconsin bartender license or seller/server license.

The course takes about 3-4 hours to complete; you can take the course immediately after signing up, or you can take it later at your leisure. Once you have signed up, you will receive a username and password to log in to the online course through our website. You may take the course all at once or in short sessions.

The course lessons contain text, audio, videos, flashcards, and interactive quizzes. Once you have passed the course, you can print your course certificate online instantly!

Course Provider: Professional Server Certification Corp - Responsible Serving® Course - Rserving.com (Approved by Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue for the required seller/server permit.)

Three Easy Steps to Get Your WI Bartender License
  1. Sign up and take the online course (click "add to cart").
  2. Print your certificate.
  3. Take the certificate to the clerk of courts in the county/municipality where you will work.

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